Holy Crap Captain America: Civil War Looks AMAZING

Finally, FINALLY, the trailer for Captain America: Civil War is here. Massive thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and his boys to dropping the world premiere of the trailer on their show, because we’ve been waiting for some time. Think back to The Winter Soldier for just a minute. What was the best part of the movie? For me, that’s a no-brainer – Bucky. So, it excited me to see a whole lot of Bucky in the trailer. In fact, the entire story revolves around his awesome character.

He’s got his memory back, he’s no longer a Russian play-thing and now Cap want to clear his name. The Winter Soldier is the man who will fork a wedge between Captain America and Shield. Hell, the two of them even fight Iron Man at the end of the trailer. I’ve gotta say; of all the Marvel films I think the Captain America ones have been the best so far… and Blade, of course.

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