Here’s An Adorable Cat Eating Its Birthday Cake, Because Why Not?

The Internet loves cats, and people have been taking funny pictures of cats since the 1870s, so we figure you’ll just love this.

Cats in hats, cats and cakes and cats eating cakes are all things we want to see. We have no idea where these pictures of this cat came from, and neither does Bored Panda, where we got these pictures from. The only thing we can take from this is A. it’s an insanely cute set of pictures and B. the cake was probably cat-friendly, because sweets aren’t good for cats…

Seriously, we hope it was cat-friendly.

Anyway, if you know anything about this feline we’d like to know about it… the curiosity is just killing us.

cat-eats-cake-1cat-eats-cake-5 cat-eats-cake-3 cat-eats-cake-2

Just try and tell us that’s not the most adorable thing you’ve seen al day. Go ahead, we dare you!

But seriously, if you know anything more about this kitty then let us know. Part of the unwavering curiosity is because I want to know why I wasn’t invited to the party, and I’m also really curious as to why the kitty isn’t wearing a traditional birthday hat.

These are the answers we all crave in life, aren’t they?

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