Harriet Tubman Is The New Face Of The $20 Bill

Remember when we said that Eleanor Roosevelt was going to be the face of the $10 bill? Well, girl can move aside… Mr. Alexander Hamilton is keeping his coveted spot (for now), but another lady is finally going to grace American paper currency after more than a century: Harriet Tubman.

And our golden girl ain’t settling for no measly $10. You can tell Miss Roosevelt to kiss Andrew Jackson on her way out the door, because Big Mama “Minty” Moses is getting on the $20 bill. Like she’d settle for $10, anyway…

And unlike any First Lady, the only thing she needed from husband John was his last name.

Maryland native Harriet Tubman, whose birth name was Araminta Ross, hence her nickname, “Minty,” was an escaped slave turned abolitionist who saved hundreds of slaves with the network system known as the Underground Railroad, often going as far as leading them the Canadian border, if need arose. She was also a Union Spy and nurse during the Civil War. Later in life, she joined forces with Susan B. Anthony to fight for women’s suffrage. She spent her later years tending to the sick and reportedly also could talk to God. The woman kicked ass, serious ass.

And unlike Ms. Roosevelt… she wasn’t married to her own damn cousin.

To put her badassery into context, she is also known for the quote, “I freed a thousand slaves…I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves,” although my degree in history obliges me to point out that she never said that. On a related note, the quilt code is also probably a myth.

This is…probably…also inaccurate…but the woman still kicked ass.

The reason to keep Hamilton is probably to blame on theater kids. No… really. The New York Times explains that “Mr. [Jacob J.] Lew may have reneged on a commitment he made last year to make a woman the face of the $10 bill, opting instead to keep Alexander Hamilton, to the delight of a fan base swollen with enthusiasm over a Broadway rap musical based on the life of the first Treasury secretary.

You don’t toy with theater kids…they’re scary…

There’s one little caveat to Tubman being on the bill, though. Jackson’s face is going to remain on the bill as well… on the back side. So, Tubman gets the front and Jackson, who many thought would lose his place on the currency altogether, is splitting FaceTime with Harriet. What’s more, we’ll have to wait another four years before designs are finalized.

This is some Sacajawea nonsense right here…

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