This Guy Turned His Hoverboard Into The Flying Nimbus

Someone in the world found a use for those blasted hoverboards that I can actually get behind, and it’s probably the only cool way to ride one of those things.

If you watched the show Dragon Ball, or Dragon Ball Z, as a kid then there’s a pretty good chance you remember Goku flying around on a cloud called the Flying Nimbus. Well lucky citizens in Taipei, Taiwan got to see one of their very own local lads whizzing around the streets on the Flying Nimbus, much to the delight of the children!

This video probably reminds you of the Aladdin one that surfaced a while back, but I dig this one a lot more. If every single hoverboard were used as some sort of cosplay prop then I might not hate them so much… but probably not.

Anyhow… well done, mate. The kids might have have torn your Nimbus apart, but with some cheap applies from AC Moore or something you’ll be back on your cloud putting smiles on people’s faces around the world!


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