Guess Who’s Going to Be Disney’s Next Santa Claus

Happy Halloween everybody! What? I warned you I’d do something like this. Anywho, guess who Disney wants to fill the boots of the likes of Tim Allen and José Elías Moreno?

Hint: It takes a bit of

Hint: It takes a bit of “Hart” to play Father Christmas.

Disney wants actor/comedian Kevin Hart to be their next St. Nicholas in the upcoming film “Dashing Through the Snow.” According to a press release, the film will be “a family comedy about an overworked New York policeman who takes his son to work with him on Christmas Eve.

Hart has clearly more than proven himself as a comic actor, but one wonders what they are going to do about the fact that he is currently a little too thin to play the jolly fat man. Fat-suits are just tacky, but given the fact that he is in a new movie every three months, this isn’t the time to be a method actor for one role. Of course, Santa Claus could just be as young and trim as Kevin Hart because he is Santa Claus.

The man lives with elves…you do not question him.

No release date has been given for “Dashing Through the Snow,” but given Mr. Hart’s track record of appearing in blockbuster after blockbuster, I’d give it a week. Okay, production hasn’t started, so maybe three.

All right, all right… it is still All Saint’s Day Eve, I guess I should leave you with something Halloween-related. Tiny Fuppets! Attend to me!

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