Google Street View For Cats Is Meow A Thing

As a cat lover I’ll use any excuse to bore you to death about my cats, but there are some things I just won’t do for feline love.


Right, so it’s pretty well established that Japan likes to do crazy shit and, for the record, I’m all for it. This Google Street View mod, however, is something I could do without. That’s right, folks, Japan has gifted us with Cat Street View. Got turned into a cat in some 100 Good Deeds For Eddie McDowd curse or something? Then this is the tool for you! It’s also extremely useful for those of you who happen to be from Thuban 9.


The tourism board of Hiroshima are responsible for this little gem, and it’s actually pretty cool… so disregard what I said about two sentences ago. I’m so fickle… like a cat… I’m done meow. Ahem. The site gives you a different perspective of life on the streets of Hiroshima’s neighboring city Onomichi. It even features 11 locals cats and comes complete with their backstories. Not gonna lie, I have wondered what things would be like from a cat’s-eye-view and this is oddly satisfying.


The best part about this is that I now know the location of some pretty neat restaurants in Onomichi, you know, just in case I come back as a cat and wanna grub on some sushi.

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