Google Releases Online Advent Calendar

Google has made a name for itself with those quirky holiday designs they occasionally employ for their homepage, whether it be a cartoon showcasing the talent of Lotte Reiniger or an online version of the Pac-Man game. This year, they are pulling out all the stops for Advent, which is the season leading up to Christmas.

In one of their games, entitled “Santa Selfie,” you can actually give Jolly ol’ Saint Nick a haircut. Despite what the name of the game would imply, you do not actually take a photo with Santa. Like any good reporter, I decided to dive in head-first and explore the game for myself. Look, it’s a slow news day.

Santa as he starts out the frame…you can guess which tool I’m going to make the most of.

But first, let’s just make him look like a rainbow. No, I don’t know why they won’t let me touch his eyebrows.

Now, by employing that long-awaited electric shaver, Mr. Kris Kringle can have a handlebar moustache like a godforsaken hipster. In case you were wondering, the water spray gets rid of the dye.

Snip, snip here; snip, snip, there… now Santa is completely shaved. Lucky for him those precious eyebrows live to see another day. But don’t worry, that magic perfume bottle can restore his hair.

I wanted to use those bows to make him look like the Cowardly Lion, but then I was all… “eff it” …I’ll just make him Bluebeard. And of course, the effect is ruined because of those stupid eyebrows.

Thank God for MS Paint. In theory, I could, mind you, have just made them blue, but no, they deserved to die.

Obviously, the “Santa Selfie” is but one of many games on the application. But the best will be reserved for the Night Before, as “On Christmas Eve, the Tracker will go live, allowing fans worldwide to follow Santa’s progress on either the desktop web, mobile web (Android/iOS), Android app, Android TV app and Chromecast.”

Their games also “introduce basic concepts of coding to global holiday traditions,” because ” Google’s Santa Tracker encourages holiday learning experiences in a fun way.” You don’t just have to have fun playing games, you can also have fun by learning. Don’t look at me like that. On the site, they also have apps explaining Christmas traditions around the world. They ignore the Krampus, so I’m not going to go into that much about it.

Google Chrome users can also add the extension to their browser.

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