Godzilla Is Japan’s New Tourism Ambassador

Having been to Japan I can tell you that it’s a must-visit for anyone. Now, as if you needed another reason to visit, Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward has officially announced that Godzilla will be the island nation’s newest tourism ambassador. Yep, the lizard king will, despite having stomped on countless citizens and causing billions worth of damage, be Japan’s Statue of Liberty. Can you really blame them, though? Godzilla is one of the prides of Japan, next to giant robots and otakus. Japan plans on unveiling a 171 foot tall statue outside of Toho, the studio that made the original 1954 film. So far they’ve only got around to finishing the head.


Those who visit Toho when the statue is finished will be in for a real treat, I just wonder if it comes with that famous atomic breath. With that being said, where’s our cool tourism ambassador in the United States? If Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry, Shakira and a host of others can have their own statues then why can’t the United States tourist board make a giant Iron Man statue or something? Maybe Superman or Batman…seriously, we’ll take anything.

Via io9

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