Pengest Munch Is The Food Critic We’ve Been Waiting For

We’ve all been there. You’re visiting a new area and feel that rumble in your stomach. You’re not sure where to get a good bite to eat and you don’t have any data left. You could ask around and find a place to grub, or you could look up some places before getting in this sticky situation. While we Pirates prefer to go with the flow, sometimes you can’t beat a good plan and due diligence.

That’s where this little lad comes in.

Those of you looking for a good chicken spot in London need to check in with the Chicken Connoisseur, who reviews chicken spots from Old Street to White Hart Lane. The little guy picks up an average of over 500,000 views per review and he’s not one to beat around the bush. The kid simply knows what makes good chicken. It’s the Pengest Munch, and if you’re serious about having good chicken in the area then listen to what the little chap has to say.

And if you can’t understand any of that British slang, we’ve got you covered. Or rather, the lad’s producer does. On Elishama Udorok’s Instagram is the following post that’ll help you understand all the lingo spoken in the videos.

The little dude is engaging, witty, interesting and on point. Plus, he takes a dig at Tottenham, which is something I’m always okay with.

Make sure to follow the little dude on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his latest reviews.

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