Get Into The Halloween Spirit With The “I’m A Monster” Series

School hasn’t even started for most people, what with it still being August and all, but the stores are already advertising their candy sales, so why don’t we join in for once?

When you’re in the mood for something dark and scary, you go Irish… we gave the world Bram Stoker, after all. And the fittingly named “Monster Entertainment,” a Dublin-based animation company, has produced a bunch of shorts profiling various ghosts and ghouls we’ll meet this holiday season. The full series delves into famous figures like Baba Yaga and the Jersey Devil (guess which one does a mean Jerry Lewis impression), but for today’s list, I stuck with the bugaboos traditionally associated with Halloween.

You can check out a bunch of the episodes below, and do let us know which is your favorite.

See, I told you the Irish know scary. The historian in me kind of wishes they brought up stuff like Vlad the Impaler or the werewolf trials, the literary critic in me wants to point out that Frankenstein’s monster was not made of corpses in the original book, and I think the animators need better synergy with the scriptwriters (between the green witch complaining about green skinned witches in cinema to the Headless Horseman’s “blackest” horse being a bleached-bone skeleton). And no, I don’t know why they made the werewolf Australian, but maybe Hugh Jackman will play him in a movie when he’s done being Wolverine.

But still…that beady-eyed Dracula is going to be right outside my window tonight, isn’t he?

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