German Bürgermeister Closes Bridge For Pokémon GO

In a world where people are literally dying over “Pokémon Go,” it seemed like it’d be only a matter of time before politicians got involved.

Welcome to the New World Order!

Thomas Geisel, the Mayor (or rather, Oberbürgermeister) of Dusseldorf, blocked off a bridge so that people can freely play the game. The bridge in question, the Girardet bridge, has ‘Pokéstops’ on both ends, so it was quite unavoidable, you see. People as far off as Holland have been coming to the bridge to catch ’em all, as it were.

Holland, which is like a four hour drive from Germany!

Players, in addition to the bridge being cut off for them, are also granted access to portable toilets and garbage bins, so as to add to their convenience. To add to their good fortune, a local bus service is said to be planning arranged bus tours to help players catch… no, I just made that joke.

You get the picture.

To think most places would just ban the players, but Germans are quite the slaves to PR.

That said, playing the game is not all pretzel and sauerkraut for Germans. According to another recent story, three men were stabbed while playing the game after what appeared to be a fight instigated by unclear motive. A police spokeswoman explained, “Suddenly a suspect pulled, according to witnesses, a knife and stabbed several men.” So, yeah, if you are a German and want to play the game, stick to the bridge.

Or you can just stay at your computer screen and watch the German Pokémon theme song.


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