Genetically Modified Humans?

If you’ve ever seen the movie Gattaca then you’re familiar with the prospect of a world in which all humans are genetically modified so that they inherit the best traits of their parents thereby creating a species of superior beings. Well This sci-fi idea may one day become a reality.


A British medical ethics board has recently announced that they’re in favour of a new type of in vitro fertilization that utilizes three parents rather than the usual two. Now that sounds pretty crazy considering we were all brought up with the knowledge that it takes two to tango. Not surprisingly this has reignited the controversy surrounding the matter of genetically modified reproduction, but we must realize that this idea was not brought about just for the hell of it.

This procedure is being developed to help prevent hereditary diseases passed down from parent to child and could possibly eradicate these diseases and ailments in a manner similar to the way we did Polio. While this concept came about with the best of intentions there’s no telling how people would manipulate this. What if someone wants to utilize more than three donors in an effort to construct their child’s genetics in the vein of Gattaca? Surely that would spark outrage, but I’m willing to bet others would follow suit.

We’ve been given a great opportunity here. If this idea comes to fruition it could potentially saves millions of lives and increase the quality of life for many, but where there is good there is always the possibility of someone using it for evil. Tread carefully, my friends.


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