The Gettysburg Address As Given Through Film And TV

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is a pretty damn famous speech. If you’ve studied American history, or attended schools in the United States, then you’ve surely heard of it… if not, then holy shit go on Wikipedia for a hot second.

Anyway, our mate Shawn Kohne, also known as the UniBaller, went on another deep dive into film and this time, instead of stringing together the Sandlerverse, he compiled a list of films that used snippets of Lincoln’s famous address… and he did so in order. A staggering 92 movies and TV shows were sourced, some used actual pieces of the speech and others are more of stop gaps, but Shawn diligently put them together in what has to be the greatest version of the speech since Lincoln gave the damn thing in 1863.

Find me a better version, I dare you! If you haven’t watched any of Shawn’s other content then we urge you to do so here, and if we could we’d smack you in the head for not doing so already. You can also watch his masterful piece, the Sandlerverse, right here. Then check out our interview with the man because he’s a fine chap!

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