Fury Fingers: Ghost Recon WILD TIME

Once again, our mates at Fury Fingers have produced some golden content and when it comes to fan-made productions they’ve proved time and time again that they’re consummate professionals. This time they’ve taken on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, and had the backing of Ubisoft in making the film.

Wild Time, as its called, pits Iron, Atlas, Grimm and Beak on a stealth mission in Bolivia where a slew of unfortunate events are just putting a damper on their hopes for success. The film itself was shot in outback Adelaide, Australia, which makes their recreation of South America’s Bolivia all the more impressive. Yet again their film features incredible cinematography, effects, well-choreographed fights and even a char chase and drone filming. Oh, it even has parkour for all you free running buff.

Task Force Taipan Cosplay and Milsim group supplied the rad gear you see and the wrestlers in the view came from Riot City. Parkour was brought in by the Sweezy Team and martial arts came courtesy of the lads from FEAT.

Brilliant stuff once again from the lads, who really understand the content they’re delving into better than most, which makes for a much more enthralling film. Be sure to follow them on all their socials to stay up to date with more films approved by Konami, Ubisoft, Crystal Dynamics, Bethesda and more.

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