Funko Toyline Pays Homage To The Golden Girls

Admit it. You still watch reruns of The Golden Girls. We all do. And we all like to forget The Golden Palace was ever a thing. Or Hot in Cleveland, for that matter.

Well, now those sassy dames… Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sofia… are going to be immortalized as upcoming members of Funko’s line of Pop! dolls. I knew our obsession with nostalgia would lead to something useful. Now you can play with them and pretend the show never ends…

I finally have an excuse to use this gif in a story…I can die a happy man.

You may have seen the Funko dolls at bookstores or retail toy-shops. Known for their big black eyes and Hello Kitty-esque lack of mouths, the doll-line will make an exception with their Blanche doll, who visibly wears lipstick over where her mouth is meant to be. There’s a joke in there somewhere about needing a mouth to eat cheesecake. Golly, those girls sure loved their cheesecake.

Is it spelled Sophia or Sofia…I mean, she is supposed to be from Sicily…but she is an Americanized citizen…

The royal status of the dolls has not gone unnoticed, so get your piggy-banks ready… these are the Golden Girls, after all. Mediaite did a solid job describing the appeal that the dolls have, so we’ll let them give you the skinny.

These things usually retail for about $9 but the Golden Girls Pop! dolls are pre-ordering at around $11, so hurry up and get your money ready. You’re going to need to move quickly. When I worked at Barnes & Noble, I saw these things fly off the shelves for franchises way less beloved (and politically polarizing) than The Golden Girls.

And if anyone got offended by me calling them “dames,” I obviously meant it in the British sense, as a regal title, you see. The Queen herself loved them, and if you don’t believe me you can watch that 1988 performance they put on for her, as seen below.


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