Tiny French Bulldog Scares Away A Pack of Bears

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. It doesn’t matter how big or small the pup is for them to puff out their chest and protect their territory when the time comes. Alright, so maybe not all dogs do it, but some of the cutest looking dogs turn out to be the most savage.

The video below was taken in Monrovia, California, on Friday. The home was approached by a couple of bears who were soon spotted by Jewels the 20-pound French bulldog. She immediately sprung into action and hulked out as if she were Bruce Banner’s radioactive pet. Homeowner David Hernandez said the dog became a ‘wolverine’ as she defended her home from the bears. Okay, so maybe Wolverine was a better example, since they’re known to be small in stature and extremely ferocious. Jewels is noticeable smaller than the bears, but that didn’t stop her from going mental and scaring the bears away.

The video was captured by surveillance cameras Hernandez put up after his property was damaged by bears. The animals are common in Monrovia, as the surrounding foothills are occupied by wildlife. The city’s website also provides information about what you should do if you spot a bear, but nothing on the site says anything about having your dog chase them. Understandably, the site encourages people to not approach a bear and to just leave it alone. Sounds like Jewels never got the memo.

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