Fox Now Lets You Live-Stream Their Primetime Content

You can stream just about everything these days, and there are even a few network TV stations available for live streaming. However, Fox just became the first broadcast network to stream live TV nationwide. The catch is, cord-cutters won’t be able to do so unless they borrow a login from someone with cable TV like how you probably use someone else’s Netflix.

Fox says that 98 percent of pay TV subscribers have access to the feature, meaning some 96 million households are equipped with the technology. Programming can be streamed via the website, Fox app on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Dire, Apple TV and Chromecast. They’ll soon be streaming primetime content including new shows. Sports, however, will not be included in this package and will continue to stream via the Fox Sports Go app.

Local affiliates of Fox are being allowed to advertise on the platform, and the Fox Now app has reached more than 25 million downloads. This is very good news for those of you who subscribe to a cable or satellite company that’s among the top 10. It remains to be seen whether or not people will actually stream live TV content as much as they watch at home, especially since not everyone has unlimited data.

Does this even move the needle for anyone? Is it a big deal that Fox is live streaming their content, or is this to be expected? More importantly, are you happy that you can watch Bob’s Burgers on your phone?

Then again, you can already do that with Hulu…



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