Four Reasons To Watch A Movie At The Drive-In

Going to a drive-in movie used to be the cool thing to do, unfortunately this type of theater is nearly extinct. I love going to the drive-in to watch movies, as if offers me a different kind of escape than the regular theater. The drive-in I frequent plays a double feature every night, so you get two movies for the price of one. If you have not been to a drive-in, you’re missing out on a great experience, that may not be around forever. Here are some of my favorite reasons why you should go to the drive-in.

1. You can sit inside or outside. One may decide to sit in the car during the movies, which is completely fine. You don’t have to worry about bugs or those pesky mosquitoes, which is always a good thing. If sitting in a car isn’t your thing, you can pack lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on and enjoy the movies outdoors. There’s also the option of combining the two. You may decide to start outside while sitting on a blanket, and later you decide to get in the car. There is a lot of freedom in this regard.


2. A drive-in provides a sense of relaxation to guests. You don’t have to dress up, well you don’t really have to dress up for a normal movie either, but you can’t exactly stroll in wearing what you’d wear to bed. Drive-ins allow you to wear whatever you’re comfortable in. So you’re free to wear pajamas and bring pillows to feel more at home. As an adult, where else can you go and wear PJs?


3. At a drive-in, it’s possible to have a wider assortment of snacks than those that are offered at traditional movie theaters. Let’s be honest, it’s a real pain in the buns that you can’t bring in your own snacks anymore. The drive-in lets you bring your own snacks and they offer concessions of their own. My local drive-in sells the standard popcorn, candy and pop, but it also sells pizza, pretzels and ice cream goodies. I love getting an orange push pop to enjoy during the movies; makes me feel like a kid again!


4. Snacks remind me of intermission time, which is my final point. During intermission, there may be movie trailers or a fun video that plays to break up the two films. This video plays at my local drive-in and I love it. During the hot dog segment I tend to provide some commentary, which is something I couldn’t do in a regular movie theater since people would probably get annoyed!

Drive-in theaters provide guests with more freedom to relax and enjoy the movies. With seating options, snacks and a good ‘ol intermission video, the drive-in offers an evening of entertainment and fun to all. If you haven’t made it to a drive-in, make plans to visit one this summer!

Featured image: Road and Track

Courtney is a 23-year-old recent graduate of Ohio Northern University. She loves listening to music, searching the Internet for interesting news, riding roller coasters, reading books and watching her favorite television shows.