The Football Gods Smile Upon Us: FA To Introduce Retroactive Diving Bans

Fans of the modern game know the scourge of diving all too well. We could easily launch a diatribe against some of the game’s more well-known divers, *cough* Ashley Young *cough*, but that’d just be plain rude.

Instead, this article is meant to inform you all of a recent motion passed by the English Football Association (FA). Spoiler alert: it’s bad news bears for Ashley Young… sorry, not sorry.

Under the new rules passed by English football’s governing body, a player will be given a retroactive two-match ban “where there is clear and overwhelming evidence to suggest a match official has been deceived by an act of simulation, and as a direct result, the offending player’s team has been awarded a penalty and/or an opposing player has been dismissed.”

So, if you dove during a match and got your opponent sent off, or earned a penalty, then this applies to you. Otherwise you’re pretty much in the clear, save for the embarrassment of everyone knowing you dove… looking at you, Ashley.

Enough of me slagging off Mr. Young.

The ruling will come as great relief to fans of the English game, and it’s a touch surprising that the FA took so long to introduce something like this, especially when a similar rule has been in effect in the Scottish Premiership since 2011.

It’s a step in the right direction for sure, let’s just hope it helps kick diving out of the game altogether… which will probably never happen. And so we leave you with this…

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