Man Breaks Into Old School To Call Grandmother

It’s always a good idea to call your grandparents, but what do you do if you can’t find a phone? If you’re lucky you can borrow someones, and in some rare cases you could find a payphone… for you younger kids that’s a phone on the street that you pop a few quarters into. Whatever way you get to a phone is fine, just don’t break into a school to find a phone, which is exactly what one Florida man did.

19-year-old Aaron D. Richardson was charged Monday after Treasure Coast High School officials said someone broke into the concession stand and busted a computer. Officers saw a damaged fence and computer, which looked like it was smashed by either a foot or fist. The fact that they couldn’t tell the difference is startling. Surveillance videos showed a man climbing the fence and driving a school-owned golf cart around campus, which is probably something we’ve all wanted to do.


They didn’t even have those cookies I like

Officials were able to identify Richardson, who was a former student at the school. Richardson was easy to find, as he was at the Port St. Lucie jail, serving time on an  unrelated arrest. Richardson said he entered the school because he wanted to find a phone to call his grandmother. That plan didn’t work, so he went to the concession area to use the computer and contact her on Facebook. When that plan failed, he punched the computer in anger. Fair enough!

Richardson was charged with trespassing on school property, criminal mischief, petit theft for stealing $6 worth of snacks from the concession stand and burglary of the school. It is unknown whether or not he was able to contact his grandmother.

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