Flavor Flav Delivered The Salt Lake City Weather Report

We shouldn’t really be surprised by anything these days. Seriously, let’s quickly examine the state of America right now.

Kanye West named his second child North West, a businessman with no political experience referenced his dick size in a televised debate and is the Republican front-runner, rappers now beef over Twitter and people are still dismissing global warming.

That said, former Public Enemy frontman Flavor Flav delivering the weather on a local TV station shouldn’t really raise any eyebrows. Then again, Flavor Flav will always raise a few eyebrows… because he’s Flavor Flav.

I have no idea what Flavor Flav was doing on Good Day Utah, but I can only imagine what local residents checking the weather that morning must’ve thought when they tuned in.

I wonder if they knew what he was sayin’… do you know what I’m sayin’?


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