Your First Time Having Sex Described By GIFs

Sex GIFs As Curated By Reddit

Recently on Reddit, a user asked the community, “If you could sum up your first sexual experience in a SFW (Safe For Work) gif, what would it be?”

Hilariously enough, the Reddit community answered back (just over 5,900 comments) and the responses were all very, very funny. We’ve listed some of our favorite GIFs here with captions as given by the Reddit users themselves.

NOTE: Be prepared to laugh…a lot!

Here are 50 of the best Sex GIFs from the Reddit thread.

1. He put it in. Two seconds later he came. Fin.

2. I’m going to go for this one

3. Pretty much this

4. The Build Up

5. No Comment (Really…)

6. Parents got home before we started

7. I had no idea what I was doing

8. Busted a nut, but she keeps suckin

9. I had too much to drink. Alcohol is not always your friend.

9a. It does a great job of getting you there, but then betrays you.

10. I was a bit too soft

11. It was less than spectacular

12. I was a born natural

13. I have no idea what I’m doing

14. I’m not sure how she felt, but this was me the next morning

15. No comment

16. Oww…

17. Constant reassurance

18. So that’s where the hole is

19. Well it was good for me!

20. Who? Me?

21. Kinda got carried away

22. Oops 😐

23. I’m ready…wait

24. This has never happened before

25. I tried my best

26. Doesn’t matter, had sex

27. Open they hymen floodgates

28. I was a little nervous

29. Just trying to figure things out

30. First sexual experience? Oh wait…

31. Am I eating this right?

32. When she took her bra off

33. I was a little over eager

34. My parents were home.

35. She had a strong jaw at least

36. You wore a condom, right?

37. couldn’t help myself

38. Pretty much sums it up

39. Did anyone else feel like this?

40. It was a tight fit

41. Ay girl

42. The result of watching too much porn and thinking you know how the ladies like to be treated.

43. It happened with extreme force

44. She was simply huge

45. Well, she didn’t taste the best

46. I’m female, if that information helps

47. Used too much lube

48. Doesn’t matter how you get in there, as long as you enter

49. She was known for being easy

50. And then her dad walked in…

These are just 50 of the best GIFs from the Reddit thread. If you want to see the rest, please take a trip over HERE.

Featured Image Source: Sony Pictures

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