Firefox Is Officially Available For iOS Devices

Mozilla Firebox has been absent from Apple’s App Store for quite some time, but today it mysteriously appeared and is available for free.

Wait... wrong Firefox

Wait… wrong Firefox

Right, so Firefox has been available on Android for years and the iOS version has the private browsing mode that people love. It also features Google Chrome-like predictive searching and supports your other Firefox accounts, so all your bookmarks, browser history, saved tabs and passwords can be moved over. I’m not really a Firefox user, so I could care less. But I know a lot of people who love the browser, so this is good news for all of you who hate Safari, Chrome or whatever else the kids are using these days.

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If you’ve already downloaded the app, or have done so after reading this, give us a shout at @TheViralPirate on Twitter and tell us what you think about its functionality and design.

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