Final Fantasy VII Is Now Available For Android Devices

While the world obsesses with Pokemon GO, the Google Play store quietly released Final Fantasy VII for download.

Naturally, the game is pretty damn large, taking up 2GB of memory and requiring 4GB of free space just to download. Those with OS 4.3 and above should be in good shape, but the reviews have been mixed. Not surprisingly, the some have noted that the overall experience isn’t the greatest and insist that it’s best left for emulators and the official Playstation consoles.

At a price of $15, I’d likely just keep to the console as well, but upcoming patches and updates will likely be rolled out quite frequently to counteract the bugs.

If you are interested in picking it up, then you should read this first:

“Depending on the terrain and timing of the action, the buggy, submarines, airships, and other modes of transportation may cease to move when the player embarks or disembarks. Currently, the only fix is to restart the game from a data file saved before the bug occurred. We recommend saving frequently and/or utilizing multiple save files. This bug occurs most often when players embark or disembark while extremely close to the terrain, as well as during time-sensitive activities for events.

Please note that the game will not save automatically when escaping from a battle on the world map, even if the Auto Save function is set to the ON setting.”

This link details the recommended hardware for playing the game. The developers have also added two new features to make the game “easier” and “more convenient,” including the option to “turn enemy encounters off on the world and area maps (will not skip event battles) and a Max Stats command to become all-powerful in the blink of an eye.”

Sounds like cheating to me!

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