Farmer Gozzi And His Amazing Technicolor Dream Turkeys

Those colored Easter chicks can wait their turn ’cause Thanksgiving is pulling out all the stops this year! What if instead of choosing white or dark meat this year, you instead got to pick from orange, pink, green, and yellow? Well, come on down to Farmer Gozzi’s Turkey Farm in Guilford, Connecticut for a turkey of a different color!

My Little Turkey… My Little Turkey

While we know that the turkeys are white by nature, Gozzi won’t reveal just exactly how he gets the turkeys their individual new hue. New hue? Guess I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it… It’s actually said to be something of a family secret.

My grandmother started it years ago as a fun thing for the kids in the neighborhood, and it caught on and just busloads of kids come now,” Said Bill Gozzi, the farm’s third-generation owner; “It’s a tradition for a lot of people. I get a lot of people saying, ‘My grandparents brought me here, and now I’m bringing my kids.

As aforementioned, it’s kind of a popular trend in many places to color chicks by injecting dye into the embryo, but normally the chickens grow out of it after a few weeks. How Gozzi manages to transform these adult birds must be another story entirely.

Because Science!

Even today, visiting the wonder turkeys is a holiday tradition for various local families and we’re sure they attract attention from neighboring states as well. Surprisingly enough, the turkeys actually seem to enjoy all the attention.

Believe it or not, they become hams out there after a while…The males strut around, and the females kind of show off. They like the attention.

Hey, if it works for peacocks!

“Now… if we can just get the humans to start eating peacocks, again…”

For those who wants to see these brand new birds of a feather… of color… I’m running out of lines, folks… the turkeys are released the first week of November and stay out until Christmas Eve. Hopefully, they have the Charlotte’s Web clause in their contracts, cause just because they survived the holiday season does not mean people stopped eating turkey! We tease… but the turkeys may be more aware than you’d assume turkeys to be. “Those are the only ones walking around here Thanksgiving morning,” Gozzi said. “They’re the lucky ones.

“You know who doesn’t dye themselves pink for your enjoyment? Swans… I’m just saying… they’re like, really tasty with some mushrooms and oysters… and the leftovers probably make a yummy sammich!”

Oh, but who are we kidding, watch some colored chicks, below:


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