Kick Off The Holiday Season With “Snowy The Frostman”

Are you finding it difficult to get into the holiday spirit with all this global warming, political unrest and worker exploitation? Do you ever wish for a return to that naive time in life when you believed that snowmen could come to life and possibly kill you? Wait… what?

That sounds a little bit off, and scientifically impossible, but luckily we have the next best thing: “Snowy the Frostman.”

The series, which even predates YouTube, was a dark parody of the classic Rankin-Bass cartoon “Frosty the Snowman.” In this bizarre version, the titular frostman is a snowman possessed by the spirit of a dead child, who tries to eat children and kill his parents as punishment for locking him away in an asylum.


Though he is less scary than that Elf-on-the-Shelf!

Throughout the series, Snowy tries to sacrifice his sister, Lori, loosely based off of Karen from the original short, in order to regain his human form. I’m not really spoiling anything, but it takes a while to explain exactly what is going on. Most of the episodes parody classic horror films that I am only familiar with because they were turned into Treehouse of Horror episodes. Anyway, enjoy with the clips below!

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The series lasted eigtht shorts and Dr. Loopus eventually got his own one-shot spin-off, as seen below.

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