Embrace the Storm with Dayz N’ Daze’s New Record “Crustfall”

Days N’ Daze offer their personal version of an “end of the world” soundtrack with their latest LP Crustfall.

The Houston-based folk punk/thrashgrass band comes out swinging with a refined, frantic sound that’s cultivated a digestible, angry, energized adventure for their fans to join. The instrumentation explored on the album is the most impressive we’ve seen from Days N’ Daze thus far in their journey. Jesse Sendejas impresses listeners by showcasing his talent across multiple instruments; guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass, and harmonica. He shows vast improvement from prior albums, demolishing any misconceptions that acoustic instruments can’t shred.

DnD members Geoff Bell and Meagan Meloncon add a very solid rhythm section split between the gutbucket and washboard. I found myself entranced, constantly tapping to the rhythm of the washboard in each song. The band builds a strong balance between trumpet, guitar, washboard, gutbucket, and variety of other instruments. No one layer overpowers another, leaving songs feeling complete as individual pieces as well a collective offering.

Compared to their other albums, this one feels much more cohesive and vocals on this record are freaking fantastic. Whitney Flynn and Sendejas trade off in tumultuous vocal play by play, with each verse bouncing off of the next before resolving cheerfully into the chorus. Emotional lyrics tug at the heartstrings of listeners who can certainly relate. The album may leave the listener bitter towards the world, but they’ll be ready to take it on their own terms.

Another point of praise should be directed towards coordination of the guest vocal spots. Each additional feature adds a unique flavor with specific intent. The featured spots avoid the trope of bringing in guest artists in a gimmicky way, as each guest vocal spot feels meaningful, impactful, and intended. Legacy features emphasize messages of anarchy, depression, and giving up on society as we know it. Some of these noted guest vocalist include Scott Sturgeon of Choking Victim/Star Fucking Hipsters/Leftover Crack fame and Joey Steele of All Torn Up!

The only downside to this album might be it’s approachability. Crustfall is a crazy collection of crashes, screams, roars, and yells, and while it left me lovestruck I can certainly see some listeners being turned off by it for exactly that reason.

Overall this album is an exciting improvement from prior Days N’ Daze releases, commanding the clever and creative sound the band has championed since their first releases. It seems that 2017 might just be the year of Days N’ Daze, with the solid release Crustfall supported by continual touring throughout.

Don’t let this record sit on the shelf, it’ll break the wood to jump to your table itself. Be sure to follow Days N’ Daze on their website and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) etc and don’t miss these punks when they roll through your town next!

Check out the album below: