Donald Trump Turned Into Japanese Doll For ‘Girls Day’ Celebration

Barbie has run for and actually been President at some point in her storied career, which includes her working nearly every job under the sun, and she’s had the moxie to do so in spite of her quite public origins as a German sex-doll. Now, another politician is following suit by joining the world of dolls thanks to a Japanese holiday.

And, of course, she had to color her hair titian so she could be taken seriously…what a surprise.

That’s right, President Donald Trump is a real doll… do not misquote me on that. A doll based on President Drumpf has been unveiled for the upcoming “Girls Day” holiday, also known as the “Doll Festival,” which involves placing Japanese antique dolls on display.

I wonder what First Lady Melania thinks of Doll-Trump’s new, special friend?

Traditionally, these dolls would be destroyed as part of the ceremony, but this has fallen out of favor when people realized they would be spending money to buy an expensive new set of antique dolls every year. Anyway, best seat atop the display is reserved for dolls representing the Emperor and his Empress. So naturally, toy company Kyugetsu Co Ltd. released a set of four different Imperial dolls for families to purchase and have decided to include America’s new “leader” in this year’s current line-up.

As with most things involving Trump these, the media has been somewhat critical about the promotion.

There is talk about his derogatory comments about women, but we made this in the hope that he will make the world better,” explained Hisatoshi Yokoyama, senior vice president of Kyugetsu. Ironically enough, the company released an Empress doll based on Hillary Clinton last year, due to her being the expected winner of the U.S. election, and we all know how that turned out.

Then again, the puppet shows you can put on with both of them speak for themselves.


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