This Is Why You Never Let Your Dog Drive

This is where the dog people and cat people are at odds. Cats, for the most part, are intelligent, conniving creatures that are generally pretty self sufficient and don’t really seem to love you. Dogs, on the other hand, are more happy-go-lucky and a bit more needy. We all know that dogs can do some crazy things, and a lot of those things stem from their desire to play. Sometimes, they may want to take the wheel when their owner isn’t looking. This is exactly what happened in Maine.


But he looked so damn cute doing it

Ellsworth police said a man walked his dog near Branch Lake on Saturday afternoon. An encounter with a second dog caused the man to put his dog in a Chevrolet Silverado, ah what fine American craftsmanship. While the man talked with the other dog’s owner, presumably about dog things, the Yorkshire terrier managed to shift the Silverado in gear. The truck rolled nearly 75 feet in the lake and bounced off a rock before it sinking in ten feet of water. We’re hoping the other dog was impressed.

According to police, a family friend swam in the lake and rescued the dog while the truck was saved by a towing company. Fortunately no one was injured in the accident. The terrier didn’t get the other dog’s digits, though.

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