DMX Set to Fight George Zimmerman

On March 1st, DMX, the rapper, and the recently notorious neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, will be getting together in the boxing ring for a celebrity fight. The marquee event is being put together by promoter Damon Feldman who has a solid track record of putting together celebrity fights.

Initially, when Feldman put out a call for other celebrities to step into the ring with Zimmerman, about 15,000 requests came in. The GAME, a famous rapper too, urged and pleaded to step into the ring.

The Game told TMZ, “I would not be boxing for me… I’d be boxing for the legacy of Trayvon Martin and his family.”

After those comments, Zimmerman had also mentioned he was interested in fighting Kanye West, but West’s camp did not reach out to the media for comment.

The marquee fight is set for March 1st with official details being released next week in a live press conference. Stay tuned for more!

Story Source: Pitchfork
Picture Credits: Pitchfork (DMX) & Wikimedia

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