Divinity Roxx Seriously Rocks In ‘We Are’

Divinity Roxx seriously rocks. She’s the musical director and bassist for Beyoncé (yes, THAT Beyoncé), so you know it’s true.

Divinity Roxx Rita Labib 2

Having already performed for President Obama, Oprah, Ellen, the MTV Music Awards and audiences around the world as the supportive secret sauce to Beyoncé’s stage sound, where else could Divinity go but solo?

Her 2012 album ‘ Roxx Boxx Experience’  was a funky rock/hip-hop mashup that was well received by critics and fans, and features appearances by Grammy award winning artists and musicians Bootsy Collins and Killa Mike.

Divinity Roxx is the real deal. We are happy to share We Are, the single from her brand new record ImPossible, a soulful and epic song perfectly paired with vibrant and colorful visuals.

Fun fact: this song was produced by Keith Harris of The Black Eyed Peas who also played drums on this record.

Enjoy the track, and check out DR’s personal website for more info on her music, tour dates, and activities.

Have a funky Friday y’all.