Mousenet Looms Large: Disney Files Patent For Humanoid Robots

I warned you. They’re taking our jobs, they took over the world’s oldest profession and they’ve even been slowly replacing half our species. Now, the great and powerful House of Mouse has signed our death warrants. It’s like they want us to hate them.

I warned you.

That’s right, Disney wants to develop real-life humanoid robot associates. Their main objective at this time will involve putting them to work at their theme parks (probably to replace those creepy animatronics), but they hope to put them to work with children in the future. Oh, and the robots are designed to be soft and human-friendly. In other words, they’re making Baymax a reality.

Well played, Disney, we knew you’d destroy us all, we just never guessed you’d use this franchise.

Disney explained the benefits of our new world order in the following released statement, “As robotic systems become cheaper, more reliable, and more capable, their prevalence in our everyday environment continues to increase. Robots can be found providing interactive guidance or entertainment in stores and amusement parks and in more dynamic settings like homes, schools, hospitals, and the workplace where they teach, provide therapy, and lend an extra set of hands. In these more dynamic scenarios, robots and humans often work in close proximity where they physically interact with one another.

Of course, I am sure that mankind will adapt as we’ve been doing since our creation, and will become accustomed to our new automation overlords. That said, we should be careful.

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