Disney CEO Defends Donald Drumpf Relationship With “Zootopia”

Disney’s Zootopia left quite a lasting impression. Sure, the Chinese military wanted it banned, and Disney is being taken to court for supposedly plagiarizing the whole thing, but now it’s being used in the political realm to explain Disney’s growing relations with a certain commander-in-chief.

This would be in line with the rumors that spread about Disney founder Walt Disney back in the 1930s, when animator Art Babbit claimed to have seen Walt meeting with the German American Bund, a pro-nazi organization. The Walt Disney anti-semite/nazi thing has been floating around for decades, and now it seems like its kind of back.

Going to bed with something so evil, depraved, and outright corrupt… it almost makes me feel sorry for Trump.

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently came under fire for actively pursing a relationship with President Donald Trump, in addition to his involvement within President Trump’s economic advisory council, of which he appears to be the only Hollywood representative. There is speculation that this pressure is what influenced him to cancel a recently planned meeting with the President.

However, things now seem to be fine with Disney and Trump. Hell, why wouldn’t they be? A massive business and a bullshit artist/businessperson(ish) go hand in hand, don’t they?

Although I’m sure some good could come out of such a union…

In a released statement, Iger said, “You don’t make a movie [like] Zootopia, which is preaching tolerance…unless you believe fundamentally in that ideal and that value.” The problem with this statement is that Iger is not the one who made the damn movie, he’s merely Disney’s CEO.

Lest ye forget that Disney is down with the young people, Iger also cited the ABC sitcom Blackish and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as justifications for his role, saying, “I can assure you the values I speak of are expressed whenever I get the chance.” Again, the people making the movies are the ones projecting these values, not Iger himself.

Finally, he even got into musical theater culture by referencing Hamilton, saying, “There’s an opportunity to have a voice in the room where it happens to speak for our company and its investors.,” referencing the song, “The Room Where It Happens.” Great, Disney is pissed that they currently don’t have the rights to yet another Broadway property… this is freaking Wicked all over again.

On the bright side, this might mean they’ll stop it with all the revisionist fiction crap…but start doing musical period dramas?

That said, he also claims that his role with Trump should not be seen as an endorsement of his politics. Being the perpetual slave to PR that is to be expected of Disney executives, Iger also refused to name his favorite Disney princess. Cold-blooded.

Beyond that, even if Iger were to cave into peer pressure and leave his seat, Trump already has another connection to Disney in Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter, CEO of Disney-owned Marvel Entertainment, who will be serving as Trump’s advisor on veteran affairs.


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