Did THE ROCK Just Admit He’s Going to Be in the New Superman movie?

Wait a second?! Did Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson just hint that he may be playing GREEN LANTERN in the new Batman V. Superman movie?

In a tweet earlier, The Rock replied to IGN that, “#LanternCanWhupSuperman.”


Details still aren’t clear, but if that is true, we’re fine with it. Johnson has appeared in a number of back-to-back hits and he has a lot on the table.

Just recently declared the top earner in Hollywood for 2013, Johnson is currently wrapping up filming for the upcoming adaptation of the Hercules story. The stills from that set look superb and we’re happy to see Warner Bros. partnering up with The Rock for Batman V. Superman.

We’ll keep looking for confirmation, but if this did happen- how would you feel?

Picture & Story Source: Batman-News

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