“Daria” Creator Reimagines The Cast For 20th Anniversary

The cult-classic show “Daria” celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and two members of the show’s crew have re-imagined eight members of the cast to see what they’d be up to today.

Just putting it out there that the episode where we actually saw Daria in 20 years was just a dream sequence.

“A lot of the issues and feelings you have in high school are timeless,” said co-creator Susie Lewis, who joined forces with the show’s character designer Karen Disher to accomplish their goal. You heard that right, this is coming from the actual crew-members. To our knowledge, this is not some weird fan-art on Tumblr getting too much press.

That said, get your fan-fics ready to see how they pair up with what the characters are actually up to.

I guess this finally puts the kibosh on that spin-off with Jane’s brother. I mean sure, it’s been 20 years, so it wasn’t gonna happen… but you never know.

I’m sure there are more characters people would be interested in checking in on, like the rest of the Fashion Club members… didn’t they want to start a cult? And what about Andrea and Upchuck? What if they were the OTP we always imagined them being?

Either wait another 20 years or just go back to writing fan-fiction, your choice.

It begins…


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