Danophone: A Danish Science Journalist Who Makes Melancholic Music

Danish science journalist Carsten Nielsen ended 2016 with the remarkable debut of his album Rerun, which was released on December 2, 2016. Simply somber yet full of life, Carsten Nielsen’s songwriting brings you back to the heartfelt soul of John Mayer and Bruce Sprinsteen with  rock-centric vocals and the mellow acoustics of guitar lingering throughout the album.

As you might’ve guessed if you clicked on the link above, Danophone is the name of Nielsen’s musical side project. At first glance you might not realize that strong paradox exists within the title of his band’s name. The term “Danophone” means “Danish speaking by birth or adoption,” and since Denmark is the “world’s happiest country” you’d expect the music to be upbeat, but that’s not the case. The melancholy catalogue of this album strongly suggests that idea of life is never as perfect and you would want it to be, even if you are from the “happiest city in Europe;” a realization that we all need to make.

Of course, there are some uplifting, riding down the road with the windows down, feel good tunes such as “Arrested” and “Copenhagen Club,” so it’s not all melancholy. The authenticity of Danophone’s raw poetic lyrics paint a story of intimacy which come to focus throughout the album.

What we have here is a voice itching to be heard whilst communicating grounded views of harsh life and love. Take, for example, the lyrics of “Turn Blue,” which couldn’t get any more transparent. He knows he has flaws and he knows what they are. It’s a sad, emotional piece in which Carsten opens up about his struggles, something that is not easy for songwriters to do.

The record is incredibly personal, but Carsten has written it in a way that can resonate with all audiences. His ability to create memorable guitar melodies coupled with captivating lyrics showcases his great artistic capacity. When something is hard to admit, he pushes through his own personal barriers and lays it all out on the table, reminding us that no one is alone in this battle we call life.

The stylistic composition of this album is a strong start for Danophone, and we suggest you follow along to make sure you don’t missies latest work. Danophone’s debut album is available on all major streaming services, and for now you can listen for free on SoundCloud. Be sure to follow the group on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and check out some of his tunes below. And just in case you’re interested, you can follow the man himself on Twitter to see what kind of scientific articles he’s reading and writing (though they might be in Danish).