Damián Szifron To Direct The Six Billion Dollar Man

The 1970s TV series starring Lee Majors is being rebuilt to be stronger, faster, more modern and way more expensive. The Six Million Dollar Man is being adapted for the silver screen as The Six Billion Dollar Man and is said to be starring a certain Mark Wahlberg.

Ever wonder where robot Barry's character design came from?

Ever wonder where robot Barry’s character design came from?

Originally, the director was to be Peter Berg, who worked on Hancock, Friday Night Lights and Lone Survivor among others. That’s been scrapped and the new director is gonna be Damián Szifron. The Argentine’s latest work, Wild Tales, was nominated for an Oscar in 2014 for Best Foreign Film. Szifron was tipped to be writing the film, but is now directing so we’ll see how that goes.

TWC-Dimension have scheduled The Six Billion Dollar Man for release on December 22, 2017. Production is set to begin in September of 2016.

Figure it out yet?

Figure it out yet?

“I’m thrilled to assemble The Six Billion Dollar Man for the big screen with the likes of Bob Weinstein and Damián Szifron. We look forward to creating a Steve Austin for the 21st century.” Said Wahlberg in a press statement. Szifron is also extremely excited about the project and had this to say about it:

“Writing the screenplay was such a fantastic ride and embarking on this journey with Mark, Bob and Stephen to take this story to a whole new level is simply spectacular. Growing up, these kind of films left an indelible mark on me and now it feels so good to be making one.”


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