CyberSecurity Association Of China Opens In Beijing

Cybersecurity isn’t exactly a word that’s synonymous with China, mainly because they like to censor their Internet, but maybe they’re feeling a little left out.

While Apple battles the FBI for the privacy concerns of all mankind, China have opened their first public cybersecurity organization that aims to better safeguard their netizens and help “guide” Internet companies to perform their duties. Kind of a backhanded organization if you ask me, but I’m wearing an eye patch and my only good eye is that of a cynic.

The CyberSecurity Association of China opened its doors on Friday in Beijing and it consists of academic institutions like PEking University in addition to companies like Tencent and Qihu 360. The Association will look to promote “self-discipline” within the industry as well as establish cybersecurity standards and studies. According to the Global Times, “Wang Xiujun, deputy director of the China Administration of Cyberspace, the country’s Internet regulator, said that she hoped the association could emphasize on safeguarding the country’s Internet security and building up China as an Internet power, while attracting more cutting-edge cyber security enterprises and talent to enhance the industry’s authority. ”

Li Yuxiao, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Cyberspace and the organization’s new secretary general, told the Global Times that they will be sharing information with members to better adhere to the industry’s standards.

“For example, as cloud computing and big data have become prevalent nowadays, are there any security problems about these systems? Our association will help formulate the standards for these services,” said Li.

We’ll see what comes of this in the near future.


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