Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Just Loves Trolling His Dad

Trolling in this day and age is a staple of modern society. The best part about it is that no one, especially star athletes, is safe from the phenomenon. And that includes Cristiano Ronaldo getting trolled by his own son.

It’s already out there that Cristiano Jr. is a huge Messi fan and has even gone so far as to ask his grandmother how many Ballon d’Ors Messi has, obviously taking the piss since Messi has more than his dad. It gets even better when you hear the adorable little tyke tell his dad that he wants to be a goalkeeper when he grows up, so what could be better? Well, in the latest edition of “Cristiano Jr. loves to troll CR7,” the Messi superfan pokes fun at his dad’s speed.

Ronaldo had a chat with Spanish TV program Jugones de la Sexta to speak about various subjects including the Champions League final and his home life. If was during that period that he revealed this little gem. as translated by the Sun:

“My son has changed my life in many aspects. I always said it was a dream to have a son, he changed me a lot.

“Sometimes he comes at home and says ‘daddy Bale is faster than you’. And I say ‘what are you on about? No one is faster than your dad’.

“And he says ‘yes but at school they told me he is faster and in an interview Messi said that he’d like to have your right foot.’ He comes up with these things and it gives me joy, he’s a kid.”

So, let’s recap: Cristiano Jr. loves Messi, wants to be a goalie and rightfully pointed out that Bale is faster than his father. Ronaldo Sr. claims it’s “impossible” for his son to be come a Barcelona fan, but he probably is already. And as for sons of legendary plays who went on to become goalkeepers… I can think of a few *cough* Zidane and Klinsmann *cough*

A goalkeeper?! Go to your room!

A goalkeeper?! Go to your room!


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