Cristiano Ronaldo Gearing Up For MLS Move?

When it comes to world football there are only two names that really grab headlines; Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Relax, Madridistas and Blaugranas, my ordering of the two players doesn’t mean I favor one over the other. So, Ronaldo has added fuel to the rumors of an MLS switch by purchasing an $18.5 million apartment in NYC’s Trump Towers on fifth ave that was formerly owned by Italian real estate mogul Alessandro Proto. No, he probably doesn’t know a damn thing about the Donald other than he’s got weird hair.

The fact of the matter is that Ronaldo’s contract with Real Madrid is up in 2018 and Florentino Perez, who I have to say is an awful club President, has already shown that he has no problem with axing club legends.

I don’t even like Real Madrid in the slightest, but the way they handled Iker Casillas was plain criminal. Anyhow, Ronaldo isn’t getting any younger and while he’s the archetype of physical fitness one has to wonder what his form will be like in three years at the age of 33. He’s already state that he’s game for an MLS move at some point so it remains to be seen whether or not he’ll wind up with Villa, Piro and Lampard at NYCFC or if he’ll be with the LA Galaxy, which is reportedly his preference. So MLS isn’t happening any time soon for the Portuguese superstar, but maybe this a hint for where he’ll end his career. By the way if you were wondering what the place looks like then prepare yourselves because this place has quite a view…

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