Conversing with Oceans impress with Indie Films EP

Conversing with Oceans step things up with their second release Indie Films.

Conversing with Oceans has crafted an immersive and pleasant four song EP. Indie Films is an introspective release, one that took several listens to fully appreciate, but resonated immediately thereafter.

First and foremost, this EP is masterfully crafted, with an impressive attention to detail exhibited by CwO. Every single song is layered with musical ideas, intricacies that will leave listeners picking up something new with every listen. This is certainly an EP that you will want to experience with headphones on, making sure to hone in on every fine tuned detail.

The release highlights a creative combination of full band instrumentals mixed with electronic elements. This creative combination leaves the EP hard to categorize. There are plenty of indie elements under the hood, but you would be at a disservice calling it an indie album. The same goes for categorizing it as electronic. This EP is a true conglomeration of a talented instrumentalist combining the sounds and influences of several different genres into a newly-shaped product.

One of the best examples of this idea is seen in track number three La Jolla. The song starts off with a clearly reggae influenced beat, then continues working through the song as vocalist Alex Bondarev smoothly sings through the track luring readers into the deceptively catchy track.

As a songwriter, Bondarev took risks with Indie Films and they pay off. An EP quite like this hasn’t been heard before. As a musician and as a fan I greatly enjoyed listening to Indie Films repeatedly, taking notes each and every time.

I highly recommend a listen to Conversing with Oceans’ Indie Films EP. Be sure to follow the band via their website and social media channels for updates and future tour dates!