Conan O’Brien Plays Talking Fish In Korean Drama

I honestly thought it was a joke until I did a little more research.

Yes, I do research these stories… I am technically a reporter, after all. American talk-show host and comedian, Conan O’Brien, recently made a guest appearance on the South Korean drama, One More Happy Ending/Happy Ending Once Again (한번 더 해피엔딩).

While the randomness of that sentence alone could make things buzzworthy… he also plays a fish. A talking fish!

Now, the premise of the show involves a group of pop-stars, “Angels,” who are now in their 30’s and trying to move on with their lives. Mi-mo, one of the girls, kind of the Cindy Birdsong of the group, works for a marriage consulting service, but still has to contend with the vindictive Seul-ah. This character seems to be the Beyonce of the group and has stolen Mi-mo’s fiancee.

Look, it’s a foreign drama. We’ll be here all day trying to explain every last detail and by the time that happens we’ll be 40 episodes deep and rooted to our couches with a box of tissues.

O’Brien first appears in a dream sequence as a talking goldfish who tells Mi-mo that he loves her. Or at least translates for another talking goldfish. As fate would have it, O’Brien makes a proper guest appearance in the episode, as EW details:

But O’Brien also appeared in a later episode, meeting with Jang Na-ra’s character Han Mi-mo, with whom he falls in love. Rather than sign up for a service that helps him find a marriage partner, O’Brien would rather flirt with Han, as he’s become infatuated with her during their meeting.

You can watch the sequence, below:

Will Mi-mo learn to love herself, and possibly find happiness with Conan O’Brien? Or will she find happiness by learning the secrets of talking goldfish? Will the talking goldfish learn to speak with proper diction? Will the Angels get back together? Will I ever stop asking questions? Will I ever find love before the Christmas party?

That, and more on the next episode of… what show is this again?


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