‘Clone High’ Is Returning to Television Thanks To MTV Classic

It’s the show the folks of TV Tropes won’t shut up about, and its return is nigh… nigh, I say! Which rhymes with high, so there’s also that.

Just don’t do TV Tropes, kids, it doesn’t make you more special…

MTV is finally making their foray into our generation’s current obsession with nostalgia with their spin-off channel “MTV Classic,” which premiered early August. This channel is giving a second life to shows such as Jackass and Daria. Splitsider described the channel by saying: “MTV’s hope is that anyone who came of age in the administrations of Clinton (the first one) or Bush (the second one) will be powerless against repeat viewings of their adolescent obsessions, and even discover those of another generation (LC fans, it’s time you met Daria Morgendorffer).

For those too young to remember Clone High, it told the story of clones of various historical figures going to school together and all the crazy shenanigans that would go down. While a popular show for the network, its premise proved to be its undoing. One of the main clones was Mahatma Gandhi, who is still a revered figure around the world, and his portrayal wasn’t exactly received positively.

Let’s just say there’s a reason he’s the only character from the show to get a meme.

To the show’s credit, it was explained that the clones had different personalities than their original hosts in part from the stress of living up to such great men and women. However, the show received so much controversy that, at one point, a few hundred protesters nearly enacted a hunger strike against the show. Reportedly, had the show lasted, the new, but not necessarily improved, Gandhi would have either been killed off in some sort of heroic sacrifice or have turned out to be the clone of Garry Coleman.

Still, it was cancelled and it is probably too late to do anything about it now, but MTV is giving the show a second chance of sorts by putting it into reruns.

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