Classic Claymation Characters Return for East Coast Snow Storm

Just in case you were off planet, the East Coast was recently struck by a large snow-storm. Meteorologists feared the worst, but it may have been an exaggeration of the eventual outcome, with even New York City canceling a blizzard warning, although fortunately not before Tuesday school closings were announced.

That said, meteorologists are being helped by a group of characters that are close to our hearts. In fact, one would say that if you have a heart, then one of them is already a part of you… cue the music!

In the time-laspe video seen above, famous stop-motion characters like Gumby, Pokey, and Mr. Bill, with the aid of some of the Minecraft characters, helped to measure the snow, and clearly ended up buried. The video was captured by Ron Murphy in the New York area of Appalachian, who employed three cameras in addition to a fourth Raspberry Pi camera that was used for logging temperatures.

Gumby is willing to brave the elements, for he is a man…asparagus…whatever who lives by his own rules.

the video described the event as such: “Heavy snow event on March 14, 2017 as Nor’easter develops and moves up the east US coast. A persistent band of snow stayed over the house for most of the day. This video from all 3 cameras is from 2:00 am EDT to 8:24 am EDT.”

The house was ultimately covered in 22 inches of snow.

And Mr. Bill is a man of action even Chuck Norris looks up to.

Obviously, Mr. Bill has survived worse, but no word on if there other survivors. With Gumby and Pokey recently being rebooted, one hopes they make it out in time.

Cheers to that!


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