City Wants Woman To Pay $800 Cupcake Bill

When you leave a job, you might be lucky enough to have a farewell party planned by your co-workers. Snacks and drinks may be bought and it’s a relatively small expense for everyone. After one Washington state woman spent nearly $800 on cupcakes for her farewell party, officials want her to repay the money to the city.


Cheryl Ann Mattia, a former Yakima human resources director, resigned from her position in December. She went to the White House Cafe and ordered $757.40 worth of gourmet cupcakes. City manager Tony O’Rourke said it was a “gross misuse” of taxpayers’ money and the city’s legal team tried to get the money back, but was unsuccessful. By the time the bill came in, her resignation was effective. She also rented a $21 tablecloth for the party. Shameless.

Mattia claimed the cost came as a result of a misunderstanding between her and a staff member when the order was placed with the cafe. However, she believed the cost was a legitimate expense. O’Rourke said the city could take her to small claims court to get the money back.

Via: Yakima Herald

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