ChubbyBunny Impress with Single “Babes in the Woods”

New pop band ChubbyBunny impresses with her delightful debut single “Babes in the Woods.”

Reminiscent of modern bands like Pinegrove with a touch of early Tigers Jaw, Lemuria, and Plumtree, ChubbyBunny debuts with a catchy pop-tinged ballad to bring in the summer. “Babes in the Woods” is promising debut by a talented artist that should leave any listener wanting to bask in the sun and take in the beauty of the world around them.

What’s most impressive about this track is the lyrical  juxtaposition. Abbie Kats, the sole member of the project, manages to vocalize a struggle within her own brain and the positive effects a loving and caring person can have on that struggle. The song brings a feeling of cautious optimism that throughout the struggles life might throw our way there are people that we love that can help us through them.

I highly recommend this to any fan of newer emo/pop music. ChubbyBunny is going to be a permanent addition to many summer playlists in 2017. Check out “Babes in the Woods” off of ChubbyBunny’s premier EP, Chubby Bunny, on Bandcamp below!