Chelsea Fans Punished For Paris Metro Racism

The four Chelsea fans who wouldn’t let a black man on the metro in Paris have been banned from attending football matches for up to five years. This incident took place the evening of a Champions League fixture between Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea. Richard Barklie, Joshua Parsons and William Simpson were banned for five years at Stratford Magistrates’ Court while Jordan Munday was handed a three year ban. They will not be allowed to attend home or away matches, this includes matches abroad.

Jackasses 1-4

Jackasses 1-4

District Judge Gareth Branston said the incident “tarnished the reputation of English football in Europe”. Frenchman Souleymane Sylla was pushed off the train and endured jeering chants of “we’re racist and that’s the way we like it”. Video of the incident was captured on film, but that did not stop the aggressors from defending themselves. The 50-year-old Richard Barklie admitted to pushing Sylla, but claimed the Parisian was shouting and aggressive. Sylla, who doesn’t speak English, tried explaining that he needed to get on the train.

“He didn’t seem to understand what I said to him, and other supporters behind him were shouting and singing in English. As I don’t speak English, I didn’t understand what they said.”

The judge ruled that it was Barklie who showed aggressive behavior and said he “proved to be a menace”. Good riddance, these men shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a football pitch for their deplorable actions.

Via: BBC

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