#SOTD – Celebrate Thanksgiving With A Singing Potato!

For our American readers, Happy Thanksgiving, folks! For all the rest, this story really is about an Italian woman… make of it what you will. A lot of you may be quite busy with the holiday, so let’s keep things simple with a nice cute little video for you all to watch and get in the Thanksgiving spirit. It is called, “My Name is Potato,” and it just goes on from there.

The singer in the video, 60’s Italian songstress Rita Pavone, seemingly went insane in the 1970’s and developed, according to one source, a children’s song where she serenades, not just any potato, but an American potato! The video is filled with American iconography, just as Rita dancing inside of a faceless Statue of Liberty and Native American potatoes, cowboy potatoes, and an Uncle Sam potato who drinks from a Coke bottle. Today is an American holiday, where people tend to eat potatoes, and the whole backstory also involved Native Americans, albiet of the human kind and not potatoes, so it made sense at the time to showcase it for Thanksgiving. It all ends with Rita running away to live among the potatoes, in a rocket ship designed like an American flag. You see why I had to show this thing to the world.

Happy Potato, America!

The Italian bits are a little complicated. One such line, “Tu sei la patata oggi rinomata l’accento un po’ straniero dell’americano impero,” seems to discuss that the talking potato’s American accent makes it a celebrity of today, which could possibly be a play on Europeans’ occasional attraction to Americana, a la Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano. The next line, “Tu non sei un’animale non mangi la carne ne’ erba ne’ uova tu nutri soltanto di terra sola” goes into how potatoes only eat dirt, and not meat or eggs, so clearly she is talking about a race of talking potatoes. Ms. Pavone was once popular in North America with an English language single, “Remember Me;” she was once so big here that Elvis Presley was said to have painted her picture.

And I never knew he painted. So, she could be discussing her fleeting fame in the American continent… but seriously, I wouldn’t discount the talking potato theory or that her name secretly really is Potato.

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