Will Carlos Tevez Be The Chinese Super League’s Latest Acquisition?

If you haven’t noted yet, the lads over at the Chinese Super League have been doing what Major League Soccer wish they could do: bringing in quality foreign players who aren’t past their prime. Sure, the CSL have brought over their fair share of those “retirement league” players, but let’s be real here; would an Alex Teixeira, Jackson Martinez, Paulinho, or even Gervinho move to MLS?

In short, the answer is “no.” And that has to do with money, it’ pretty simple.

Major League Soccer simply won’t dish out £25+ million for talent like the CSL and they surely won’t pay the massive wages that players are afforded in China. Hell, Graziano Pellè makes somewhere around £260,000 a week playing in China — that puts him in the same wage bracket as players like Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez. Sure, Pellè is a decent player, but he’s not worth that much. Anyway, I digress… the latest big name to make his way to China could just be a certain Carlos Tevez, a man who you might just remember from his extended time in the Premier League *cough* thanks, Alan Pardew *cough* and with Italian giants Juventus.

The news came when Shanghai president Wu Xiaohui told Shenhua News that the club have made a “breakthrough” with regarding to securing the Argentine’s services.

“We have done a lot of work [on trying to sign Tevez] and it’s safe to say that there has been a definite breakthrough in the negotiations. But for a variety of reasons, we have not nailed down the deal.” Wu said.

“Their club have problems that are still yet to be solved and I will spare you the details. We will continue to put greater effort into this and strive to give our supporters a pleasant surprise as early as possible.”

Word on the street is that Tevez would be paid handsomely to the tune of €40 million-per-year. One has to wonder whether or not his new club, should the squawk on the street be accurate, will require him to sign a contract with some very vague stipulations. It should be noted that these statements have not been verified on the club’s website, and their last piece of published news centers around the hiring of Gus Poyet as their new manager. That said, someone like him with South American flavor (and a king’s ransom) could surely tempt Carlito from his comfy homeland.

The real question here is this: is a 32-year-old Tevez worth €40 million a year? Honestly… he probably is.


[Featured Image: Golazo Argentino]

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