#Captain’sQuarters: Mimi LaRue

Satirical artists will always be a part of entertainment, unless Skynet takes over or we end up in some sort of authoritarian world where humor and taking the piss out of the government are made illegal.

Luckily that’s not the case, and we’re able to enjoy the entertaining exploits of those like Weird Al, Bo Burnham and Mimi LaRue. We previously wrote about her song “Country Star” and how she’s not one to take any prisoners, so we were thrilled when we came upon the opportunity to interview her.

So, without further ado, we present our exclusive Captain’s Quarters interview with Mimi LaRue!

Thanks for joining us aboard the ship, Mimi! First things first, did you learn to speak Mandarin for the song or have you just secretly known the language for years?

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o I have always felt a connection to China – practically all my clothes come from there so I thought it’s only right to learn about the music. I learned to sing a song in Mandarin about a moon but I thought, “ That’s not enough. I want to write a song in Mandarin. How hard can it be?” And with a lot of integrity, respect, and consultations with Google Translate, I managed to make that dream a reality.

At some point, comparisons to the likes of Weird Al are sure to pop up. If you had to compare yourself to another artist, satirical or not, who would it be?

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o I think I have a lot in common with Andy Warhol, I like to think he’d agree with me.

In an interview with the Huffington Post you said you’re very inspired by the music industry. But what about it truly inspires your satire? Does the absurdity of certain artists’ popularity play a part for you?

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o I just try and look at life, whether it’s the music industry or a person or a place, and find what isn’t being said that I think should be said. I don’t hate on anyone for their popularity, if I could get as many hits on my music videos as Donald Trump gets every time he opens his mouth I’d be a happy lady.

Outside of the J Biebs, Miley Cyrus and our man Big Bird, who inspires you in your life – in terms of your music, your aspirations and beyond.

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o “Made in China (Ban This Song)” was inspired a lot by the Chinese artist/activist Ai Wei Wei. I just love how he is able to make serious art, combine it with his political views, while also taking more selfies than Kim Kardashian on a good butt day. I’d love to collaborate with him and he did make an album but I don’t think Ai Wei Wei listens to music so he may never know the musical mark he has left on me, or himself…

Is “Made in China (Ban This Song)” the beginning of a political phase for you, or is this just a one off?

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o I have no specific political plans, but I do think it’s important to address issues that feel important and that will continue to inform my art. If I do get famous enough one day I’d love to run for Governess of California.

Now that you’re open for bookings, where would you most like to tour?

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o China. I’m hoping my song gets the attention of the right Chinese officials who can make that happen for me.

Can you tell us a bit about the TV you’re cooking up?

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o Well… I am so excited to announce that I am forming a girl band!!! For a long time I’ve wished there could be 5 of me to make even more of a meaningful contribution to the world through music, and now it’s becoming a reality! This TV project will follow me and my band-members on our journey to really make a difference.

You’re clearly a woman of many talents, so what else is in line for you outside of your music, poetry, fragrances and acting?

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o I’d like to learn how to garden. With all the talk of nuclear weapons and world wars, I think it would be really valuable to be able to grow my own pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.

Which artist, alive or dead, would you want to work with the most?

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o Martin Luther King Jr. There’s a lot we could make happen together.

What advice do you have for aspiring creatives out there who maybe need a little push to get going or might be afraid to take that leap of faith?

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o It is a leap of faith. So put your arms behind your back and push yourself off and let the winds of inspiration catch you and carry you onwards. #Poetry #Inspiration #MimiLaRue

Finally, we’re gonna give you the floor to shout out whomever and spread whatever message you’d like. Take it away!

13669527_874727405965553_6284515941253165931_o Ok, shout-outs always feel more shouty in caps so here goes…




And there you have it, folks! Massive thanks to Mimi for having a chat with us and we urge you to follow her on FacebookYouTube and Twitter to stay up to date with her latest activity.

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